Engine Fuel System Tester Efi2100

Engine Fuel System Tester Efi2100


Detailed Product Description:


Auto Engine Fuel System tester EFI2100 Car Engine Tester,Fuel Pressure Tester





1. Fuel pressure test

2. Fuel flow test

3. Engine intake manifold vacuum test

4. Backpressure in exhaust manifold test

5. Various connectors to fit most vehicles





1. Range of fuel pressure: 0~800Kpa

2. Range of fuel flow: 0.5~3L/min

3. Range of intake air vacuum: -100~0Kpa

4. Range of backpressure: 0~60Kpa

5. Dimesions: 431X115X374mm

6. Weight: 3.5Kg

7. Temperature: -18~+50

8. Material of package: ABS plastic


Price 350 Euro